Rocker Ott - The Homeschool Solution

The problem with at-home learning is that our homes were never intended to be a classroom. They aren't equipped with the right furniture and tools needed to help keep our children engaged, and the living room couch or hardwood kitchen chair is not ideal.

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If any of this sounds like your home right now, then you're probably wishing there was a solution. Something to get your kids off the couch. Something to get them off of those hard kitchen chairs. Something to better engage them while doing school work.


With its multiple seating positions, lightweight and durable design & subtle movement, the Rocker Ott is exactly what you're looking for! From a seat, to a desk, to an ottoman, the Rocker Ott does it all.

With a round design that is flat on one side, the Rocker Ott offers subtle movement to support different learning styles and is a great seating solution for learners that have a difficult time staying still. Designed for daily classroom use, but perfect form homes! 

Multiple Ways to Use!

The Rocker Ott is flexible, lightweight and comfortable, which makes it an ideal seating option for contemporary learning environments, whether that is the classroom, the home, the library or anywhere!

Take back control of your home and create a space for your kids to engage in learning!